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Steve Joseph

Steve Joseph started the martial arts at the age of 10 with Judo and Karate before making the transition to kung Fu in the early 1970s. After an attack incident in his early teens, caused him to rethink his current self defence methods as he thought they were limited in their use for self defence. He studied numerous other methods and martial arts systems gaining black belts in 7 styles and combining those systems into one naming it 'Sun Kune Do'(Chinese New Fist Way') later it was given the Japanese translation of 'ShinKenDo' (Real or True Fist Way).


He started teaching at the age of 20 and in 1989 created the British ShinKenDo Organisation. Instructors went on to further establishing schools abroad, and the International ShinKenDo Organisation was formed in 2000.

His methods were chosen to teach Law Enforcement Officers to the British, US, and French.

He has held numerous seminars in the UK and abroad giving lectures on self defence, training, self defence and the Law and 'The Fear Factor'

As to date he has taught over 6000 students including numerous celebrities.

Although he trained under numerous instructors he credits his martial arts training to his main teacher 'Grand Master Stan Brown' from Lau Gar kung fu.

Style / Creativity

Steve thought that there are 4 major aspects to combat. Striking, Throwing, Grappling and Restraints. Numerous systems focused on one and would fall short if an attack were to occur outside their field of knowledge.

He wanted a system that was non sport, practical and at which would be applicable to all.

He formulated a systematic syllabus that include restraints from Jiu Jitsu. Strikes from Western Boxing Muay Thai, Karate and Kung Fu.

Footwork from fencing, and grappling from Judo and later Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The method / style was the first MMA 'Modern Martial Art' in the UK after Bruce Lee's 'Jeet Kune Do' and Steve Joseph is credited for starting a trend in the UK of Modern/Mix Martial Arts in the mid 80s.

The system was not completed until 37 years later.


During the mid 1990s Steve establish a successful KickBoxing career winning numerous titles and given the nickname 'SuperKick' at his ability of knocking out opponents with either leg. His kicks have been clocked at an excess of 85Mph. 'The Technician' were another name that he was labeled.


Shinkenjujutsu highest level was 6th dan which has increase to 9th dan.

Steve Joseph on record holds a 6th dan.

He is refered to as Master Steve Joseph which he dislikes but prefers 'kaiso' or founder. He refuses to no liger be ranked and holds no grade in Shinkenjujutsu.


Steve Joseph now resides in Japan where he continues to teach in his hometown Sapporo Hokkaido. His first student is his wife Yumi Joseph. He hopes to spread the art into the mainland and appoint a successor to continue after he has gone.


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